Safety Tips When Going Fishing After Breast Augmentation

Usually, your doctor will give you safety advice after undergoing a breast augmentation process. However, they won’t cover every situation, so you need to keep looking for custom tips depending on your day-to-day environment. If you love fishing, here are some tips for you after having gone through the uplifting process.

Give It a Little Time

Often, you will be advised to go braless for a few days after the surgery. It is also advisable to stay away from the rod at this time. Fishing involves the active use of chest muscles, so you might want to avoid it for a little bit immediately after surgery.

Wear a Sports Bra as You Start Out

If you get quality upgrades such as Motiva implants, you can go fishing braless if you want to. However, it is wise to ease into it using a sports bra as support. These implants come in three sizes depending on your preference. If you opt for the larger size, you are more likely to need a sports bra. However, due to the Blue Seal technology used in the procedure, all sizes are safe and comfortable. Your breasts will look and feel natural, so it is understandable if you feel like ignoring this advice. However, don’t; it is only for a short while.

Be Aware of Your Implant Type

The type of your augmentation determines the weight of your breasts and, therefore, the kind of support you need. For example, Motiva Round Plus requires less support than Motiva Ergonomix, while Motiva Ergonomix2 will require support for a bit longer than both.

Breast augmentation should not keep away from your fishing hobby. Following these tips will help you enjoy the experience even more!