The World’s Best Fishing Spots

From a delicious dinner after a catch and fan experience to good memories, fishing offers so much for those of us who like adventure. Yes, you will find so many seawaters, lakes, streams, and big rivers where you can go fishing, but the best fishing adventures comes from the best spots. If you want to get the most out of your fishing adventures and leave the waters with a worthy catch, then you may want to try any of the following fishing spots.

Key West (USA): Featuring both an angling-obsessed community and best fishing spots, Key West, Florida is a sure bet on any list of top fishing spots. It is the gateway to the fishing hub, Dry Tortugas, and it is also home to the equipment you can ever need for fishing. You can expect to catch tarpons, redfish, pompano, cobia, bonefish, and trout, among other fish species. During your adventure here, your welfare will well be catered for, thanks to the string of seafood restaurants and hotels.

Congo River Basin (Congo): This is a fish-rich spot, only that you need to trade carefully while on an adventure here, as the giant tigerfish can pounce on you any time. Weighing at least 70 kilograms, a single catch would be enough to send you home for a couple of months, as you will fetch some good money from this Goliath of sea life.

The Azores (Portugal): If you are looking to hook mako shark, the Azores is the place to head to once you grab your fishing equipment. And while you may not spot a whale every time you go fishing here, you still have a chance of landing one even though it might be tough.

Honorable Mentions

  • Tusket River (Canada)
  • Umber River (Russia)
  • Martha’s Vineyard (USA)
  • Cairns (Australia)