Understanding Fishing Techniques

 When it comes to fishing you’ve no “magic formulas” or “secret baits”, that will help you catch fish. You do however have great finishing techniques that when implemented and used correctly to your advantage can help you catch fish. Below are three tried and successful fishing techniques that help all anglers catch more fish:

Always Use Slip Bobbers
When it comes to great fishing techniques this has to be at the top of the list! A slip bobber slips up and down your line for easy access, it allows you to fish at any length you wish but also still cast effectively. The bobber stop allows for casting and reeling fish in to be much easier. Learning to use a slip bobber is pretty easy, you just attach the bobber so the fish hook hangs just slightly above structure.

Make sure to use Gang Hooks
This is a must when fishing with live bait, gang hooks help prevent line twist once attached to your line, In case of live worms gang hooks provide the best and most natural presentation allowing worms to be presented outstretched, which does make a huge difference to the amount of bites you receive. Always remember you’ve different types of worms, such as red worms and Berkley Power worms, which are alive at night!

Mother Nature
Let’s not forget to take a look at the use of mother nature itself and how it helps, no matter what type of fish you are fishing for, one of the best fishing techniques in the world is to use mother nature to your advantage. When explaining mother nature I am meaning the weather, understanding all about the times the fish are more lively is a must, going out on your boat knowing you’ve fish ready to be caught is much better than going out and not catching anything.

Understanding Netting
Always remember you’ve lots of fishing nets available to help you catch fish, all nets have a unique design to help you catch a specific kind of fish, five of the most commonly used are Seine Nets, Gill Nets, Cast Nets, Hoop Nets and Trammel Nets, Landing nets, you’ve so many to choose from but they all are shaped to catch specific types.

Understanding Flipping
This can be more tricky to learn than other types of techniques, but once you get the hang of it, its a great technique to learn allowing you to hit your location easier than using other techniques, but it does take some time to get used too. When flipping you should always remember to use your wrist and not your arm, then try to concentrate on the spot you wish to hit and not on the one what you want to miss.

Understanding all the different types of fishing techniques is one of the most important things to learn to do if you wish to be a great fisherman or fisherwoman.