Detecting Bites When At Sea

This is always something people ask. When do you know when you are about to get that bite The three factors to consider are:

  • Line Movement
  • Rod Movement
  • Float movement
    The Smell of the bait – One of the first things why your fish bite is because of the smell of your bait or lure to the fish itself. The fish is much less apt to bite. One way to alleviate this problem is by using one of the many sprays or drops on the market to add scent to your bait or lure.

Because things Seem Normal – Another thing as to why fish bite is because everything seems “normal”. That is to say, everything seems as it does naturally. In other words, your bait looks like what the fish is used to eating. This is where light line and the proper sized hooks come into play. Many anglers use fishing hooks and fishing line that’s much too heavy. Make sure you match your line and hooks to the size of fish you expect to catch. In order for everything to appear “normal” to the fish, your hooks and line shouldn’t be too big. A big reason why fish bite is because everything seems normal.

Trying to stay awake can be a problem too. Keep yourself aware, have drinks on hand and things to keep you awake. If you are fishing for trout you will get used to watching the line for that sneaky bite that sneaks up on you! After being out a few times you will begin to learn that the type of fish plays a big part in your bite detection technique. So be aware. Get to know the different types of fish.