What’s The Correct Lure To Use For Your Fish?

This is always something many people ask, are they using the correct lure? Choosing the correct lure is always a must, then you get a feast! A few tips to help you with this:

  • Don’t pick lures that rattle in clear water
  • When in discolored water always choose lures that make vibrations
  • When trolling pick a lure that provides its own action
  • Always choose one with good color contrast
  • When its windy make sure to pick a layer that’s heavy
  • Try and match the color of the lure to the color of the water
  • Remember to take their temperature, always remember the temperature of the water matters a great deal
  • If you are tempting a color conscious fish it has been known that a gold or silver plated lure helps with this.
  • If you are fishing for Walleye then a red or orange lure has been known to work.
    Finding the right lure can sometimes be tricky, but you get the hang of what fish is fitted to what lure over time, fishing in all kinds of water can become tricky so always make sure you identify your target species.