Is Australia Or Ireland The Best Fishing Spot?

Both these countries are stunning and packed with great fishing spots. In both countries its an extremely popular activity. In Australia the majority of fish are of saltwater breed, Australia is known as the third largest fishing resort in the world. On the other hand Ireland is known for its great lakes and fantastic spots for pike fishing, with its beautiful lakes in Galway, Cork, Cavan, Athlone, Longford and Dublin, you’ve also great fishing spots. Both countries have the fish and both countries have the spots, only Australia will always win with the weather. Ireland will never be blessed with perfect weather. But always remains one of the best countries to fish in.

Great spots in Australia include:

  • Adelaide, great place for Salmon, blue crabs, snook and squid.
  • Brisbane, great spot for reef and game.
  • Broome, here fishing is a very popular sport.
  • Cairns, this is deep blue fishing at its best
  • Canberra, great spot for trout fishing.
  • Newcastle, great place for all you fishing needs.
    Both countries have some of the most beautiful places to fish, understanding what fish you are actually after fishing, helps as to which country fits you, above are six locations in both countries.