Insects Are A Major Food source To Fish

Whether underwater or floating on the surface, there is little doubt that insects are a major food source for a great many species of freshwater fish.

Insects are difficult to use as bait for attempting to catch fish for many reasons, which is why an entire style of fishing was created many years ago called fly fishing. Ever heard of it? Of course you have because fly fishing has become extremely popular in recent years. The style of fishing known as fly fishing was created as a way to cast and fish effectively with lightweight artificial flies. An artificial fly is the best and most realistic way to mimic a live insect and fly fishing is a very effective way to fish while using artificial flies as bait.

What’s interesting about this is that many anglers don’t want to go to the expense, both monetarily and with their time, to learn a whole new style of fishing, which is where the fly fishing bubble comes into play. With a fly bubble you are able to use artificial flies while using spinning gear. I realize that this might seem strange, but it’s nonetheless true.