Electric Fishing, should it be banned?

Well here is a question that everyone in Europe is asking right now. Should Electric Pulse Fishing be banned? Electric Pulse Fishing is when nets are used that cause an electric current! All across Europe you’ve arguments occurring about how this type of fishing is destroying our environment. People across the globe are concerned that this method harms not only the fish you catch, but the Marine life left in the ocean.

Will this type of fishing actually finally get banned, its been banned before, then brought back!?

In France was were the campaign first started to ban Electric Pulse Fishing, the French really don’t like that the fish you catch by using this method are harmed. Electric Trawlers are exactly just that, they fire electric pulses into the sea, this then normally replaces what tickler chains can do. It has now become such a worry that the European parliament are voting on a ban.

Since being commonly used again, more and more European countries are coming together to assist in a ban, some argue that it is less harmful to the environment and others argue it is more harmful. For a more information on this story try here