The Enjoyment Of Night Fishing

Nothing quite beats fishing in the early hours of the morning. Night fishing can be exciting but when the bait is on, watch out, because you need to be more aware. The amount of fish that fishermen forget you can catch at night is overwhelming, such as crappie, walleye, bass and catfish. Although going night fishing can take more pre-planning, its so much more peaceful than going during the day, but do make sure you make a list you can check with all your essentials written down, then you aren’t stuck without them. Make sure you know the area you intend on going fishing.

A few things you should remember to take with you for a night fishing trip.

  • A flashlight, always make sure you’ve a flashlight, that way you’re not in need of a lantern whilst on the move.
  • Refreshments, especially liquid ones, because night fishing is normally done whilst sitting on a bank, or sat anchored in a boat, you can become rather thirsty.
  • An organised tackle box, make sure before you leave that you aren’t having to dig around in your tackle box to find what you need isn’t there, in the middle of the night this can become tricky.
  • Extra Clothes, always make sure you are carrying extra clothes, the night air can become cold, having the essentials to keep warn is important, don’t forget an extra jumper can stop you from freezing at night.
  • Mobile phone, the most important thing when fishing is to make sure you’ve communication devices, nothing worse than being stuck out in a boat and not having some form of being able to contact your love ones at night.