Types of Fishing Rods

Fishing is an enjoyable and exciting activity. Some people do it for survival/economic reasons such as to feed the family or make a living from it. Others, on the other hand, use it as a source of entertainment, a time to catch up with old friends or bonding between parents and children.

Whatever the reasons why one chooses to fish, the most important thing to consider is the type of fishing rod to use. A great fishing rod is like a great tool that fits the task at hand and so using a tool that does not fit makes the task very difficult. Fishing is exactly the same because the type of fishing rod determines the kind of fish caught as well as the amount.

As mentioned above, there are many fishing rods one can use depending on the function. A few of these fishing rods are going to be discussed briefly. Casting rods were made with the intention of allowing the fisherman to cast his bait or lure to a position of his liking. Casting rods are quite effective in this manner because one can place their bait where they feel like they might have the best success. There are two variations of these casting rods, namely, bait and spinning rods, but they are commonly referred to as just casting rods.

The second rod worth mentioning is the spinning rod. These rods are mostly used for freshwater fish such as salmon, which according to Foodiq is very tasty and packed with nutrients. They are much smaller and weigh much less than casting rods. Casting rods have one eye towards the top as opposed to spinning rods that have up to eight eyes and have a distance of about five to eight feet. Spinning rods are used by beginners as they are much easier and more comfortable to use than most rods.

Sea fishing rods as the name suggests are used for fishing in the sea or ocean. The rods differ again depending on their function. They are either very long if they are used for example by the beach or short if used in a small fishing vessel. These fishing rods are very different from the ones mentioned above in that they are tough and built for large, aggressive fish that would normally probably break the smaller flimsy ones. They are made with heavy tips, large reels and heavy lines. Most fish are caught in the Pacific Ocean then followed by the Atlantic Ocean.

When heading out for your next fishing trip either with some old high school buddies or colleagues, it is necessary to pick the right fishing rods. Your local Pro shop for fishing will probably have all the fishing rods, bait and fishing gear needed. They can also provide assistance and advice for first-time fishermen.